Sleep Number

Company Address:  1135 N 1000 W, Tremonton, UT 84337

Phone:                        1-877-770-5475

Business Website:

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What’s the one thing your company is known for?

Our mattresses! Whether you’re shopping for a sleep number bed or a 360-smart bed, we have so many options that you’re bound to find the right mattress for you! We provide all the essentials when it comes to our products. Our beds are so comfortable you won’t want to get up, and our bedding and pillows provide even more enjoyment.

Tell us something interesting or fun about your business? 

Every product we create we make in an attempt to enhance your experience. We do all the work so that you don’t have to! Our beds are known for their adjustability on both sides, we’re highly rated and come with a 25-year limited warranty with a 100-night trial.

What is your company passionate about? 

Over everything, we are passionate about sleep. In all that we do, the number one thing on our mind is how we can improve the quality of our client’s sleep. That’s why we provide flexibility in each style of mattress, bed, bedding and pillows that we make. Don’t dream of having a better sleep, come get your customized mattress today!