Production Technologies, Inc.

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  645 North 600 West, Suite 1, Logan, UT 84321

Phone:                          435.372.4757

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What’s the one thing your company is known for? 

Production Technologies, Inc. specializes in taking a customer’s product idea and bringing it to life with a talented and experienced resource pool of designers, fabricators, machinists, and powder coat specialist. We take pride in our ability to overcome even the toughest challenges and obstacles our customers have presented to us. As a result, we have established long lasting relationships with our customers which we maintain by delivering consistent quality in all of our products and services. We understand the excellence of our customer’s finished project is dependent upon the quality of services and components they use, and we are committed to providing them with parts that meet their exact specifications.

Tell us something interesting or fun about your business? 

Every day is something new and interesting. We are never bored or complacent. Our employees enjoy a diverse work environment and thrive off of it. We are a close knit company who enjoy working together. The love of our work shows through to our customers and they enjoy the benefit of it.

What is your company passionate about?

We take pride in our customer focused values, quality, and performance. Paired with efficiency, versatility, flexibility and advanced technology, we are confident we can help our customers find superior manufacturing solutions to fit their needs.