National Vinyl Products

In 2004, after growing his vinyl fence contracting business to the largest in the state, John L. Hadfield built a state of the art vinyl fence manufacturing facility in Nephi, UT to produce his own line of vinyl fence materials for distribution throughout the US and Canada. National Vinyl remains a family-run company today, many of their key leadership personnel and vinyl fence extrusion experts are members of the Hadfield family.

They specialize in PVC extrusion, which is creating linear profiles from powder to cooled, hardened PVC. National Vinyl is known for quick, friendly and personable order fulfillment.

A business tip they would share with others is, “It’s been said that people are your biggest asset; we have found that the right people are our biggest asset. Investing in our local community and our team has helped us have a better quality product, and provide a service level focused on helping our clients win in their business.” They are passionate about creating a quality product that we deliver on time to meet the needs of our customers.

They are always looking for talented individuals to join their growing team, and fencing contractors and distributors seeking high-quality and reliable service and products.

An advantage they have received by being a member of the Utah Manufacturers Association is that it’s been a good opportunity to expose themselves to other manufacturers and learn from their successes.