The UMA’s communication with their members include their association magazine, Manufactured in Utah, and a supplier directory. Additionally, each year, the UMA publishes a consumer magazine, Made In Utah, which focuses on Utah-made products and the economic contributions of manufacturing companies in Utah. All publications are available in print and electronic mediums. Advertising opportunities for each magazine are available.

Manufactured in Utah is published twice each year, and focuses on providing local manufacturing companies with advice on how to remain competitive and relevant in Utah’s economy. The magazine is mailed to all members of the UMA, legislators and other interested parties, and is also available in an electronic version.

The UMA encourages its members to do business with vendors and suppliers in Utah. In order to make this process easier, the UMA publishes an annual supplier directory.

Made in Utah is the UMA’s annual consumer focused magazine, and, as the name implies, focuses on the importance of buying local, and the tremendous economic contribution made by the many manufacturing companies in Utah.

The UMA provides many opportunities for businesses to reach its members through advertising opportunities and three levels of annual sponsorship.