It all started as an idea in a garage in Riverdale, Utah. As a dedicated father and fan of basketball, Lifetime Products’ founder simply wanted to build a better basketball hoop for his family.

His passion for innovation quickly expanded beyond his initial project, and he created a company called Lifetime Products. The philosophy for the name, as well as the goal of the company, was to build durable lasting products for consumers and their families.

Lifetime began by manufacturing basketball systems. Lifetime Products became a worldwide trusted brand as it quickly broadened from basketball hoops to picnic tables, then folding tables and chairs. Now our sheds, kayaks, and more, are leaders in their markets. From those first years in Lifetime’s history, the company has grown from 15 employees in a partial warehouse to over 1,500 employees — all over the globe.

(Expanded history):
In the beginning, all the founder of Lifetime Products wanted was a sturdier basketball pole for his backyard. With this in mind, he found and purchased a piece of heavy-duty used pipe, a sheet of plywood, and a basketball rim. The result was a basketball standard for his backyard. That was 1973.

Seeing the potential that others might also desire a quality basketball system in their yards, he placed an ad in the “Big Nickel,” the local free classified newspaper, and made his first sale. The rest — as they say — is history.

Not long after selling his first basketball system, he created A1 Basketball Standards, which shortly after became American Playworld. The company was based in his garage located in North Ogden, Utah. The company expanded into many more types of playground equipment. Soon it was evident that he needed a larger retail store. The family purchased a home in South Ogden, which became living quarters and a small retail store in one.

Several years later, the company transformed the Basketball industry with the introduction of the Quick Adjust basketball pole — the first complete basketball system you could raise up and down with a broomstick.

In March 1986, a separate company was created to concentrate specifically on manufacturing adjustable basketball systems. This new company was named Lifetime Products, the name inspired by the goal of building a durable, lasting product.

Today, Lifetime Products, Inc., has applied innovation and cutting-edge technology in plastics and metals to create a family of affordable lifestyle products that feature superior strength and durability. The world’s leading manufacturer of folding tables and Chairs, Lifetime was founded as the maker of portable basketball systems that revolutionized the industry with patented technology.

Not long after selling his first basketball system, Barry created A1 Basketball Standards, which shortly after became American Playworld also specializing in backyard trampolines. The company was based out of the Mower family garage. It quickly expanded into many more types of playground equipment, including tetherball poles and swing sets. Soon, it was evident he needed a larger retail store. The family purchased a home in Riverdale, which served as both living quarters for the family and a small retail store. Several years later, the company transformed the basketball industry with the introduction of the Quick Adjust basketball pole, engineered with a mechanism designed by Coach LaDell Anderson from Brigham Young University.

Quality: it’s not just our passion, it’s our promise. Their goal is, and has always been, to create affordable products with quality, strength, and durability. They do this by growing profitably and providing opportunities for our people. They do this through diversification, by continuing to enter new product categories, expanding our market share, and constantly improving and innovating. And, they do this by sharing value with their customers while lowering costs.

But it’s about more than just quality products. It’s about being a quality company. Their brand is world-trusted and of great value to their customers. And there’s a reason. Lots of them actually. Their products reflect their dedication to quality and innovation. They always treat their employees, customers, and suppliers with respect, honesty, and integrity. They look to promote from within the Lifetime family whenever possible, giving their employees greater opportunities. Lifetime understands the importance of power found in unified teamwork, and they work to succeed as a group, not as individuals. At Lifetime Products, they are a company with passion to do things the best way, because it’s the right thing to do.

“One of the things I’m really pleased with,” says Executive Vice President Vince Rhoton, “is that the Lifetime brand is seen by a lot of our buyers. And they sometimes think our brand is more powerful than we do.” That power comes from our products. The quality, durability, and integrity in our products make the brand, and that brand speaks to accounts all over the world.

By constantly applying innovation and pioneering technology in plastics and metals, Lifetime Products continues to follow the company mantra of, “We Make Stuff.” Focusing on designs that bring innovation to the industry with patented technology keeps buyers eager to see what the next season will bring.

Today, Lifetime Products is a worldwide trusted brand that dominates the market in basketball hoops, picnic tables, and folding tables and chairs. Now their sheds, kayaks, and other product categories, are leaders in their markets, taking this small home business to a global company.

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