Juniper Systems




Juniper Systems started out as a small company called HarvestMaster which provided data acquisition systems through on-combine seed research. A handheld computer was needed to help control the system and record data. The engineering team decided to develop their own and the concept was a success not only in the agriculture market but many other markets as well. They are passionate about an excellent customer experience to help their customers do the job they need done.

Juniper Systems provides intuitive field computing solutions for rugged applications in an environment such as natural resources, agriculture, geomatics, public works, military, and industrial markets. Processes they work on are Shingo Model, Voice of the Customer, Jim Collins teachings, Crucial Conversations. They are known for quality products and excellent service for their customers.

An interesting fact about their company is that they are a high-tech company that is culturally strong and new employees either love working for them or self-select out quickly. They work hard and play hard. They live and work by their company maxims with the first one being “we serve our customers and fellow employees with trust, love, respect, and active support, and expect the same in return.”

A business tip they would share with others is to stop at five failures and then fix the process no matter what it is.

They are in need of Good employees. The local unemployment level in Cache Valley has made it challenging to accommodate the revenue growth and thus capacity needed to build product.

An advantage they have by being a member of the Utah Manufacturers Association is exposure to local companies and best practices.

Juniper Systems, Inc.
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