JulieAnn Caramels

JulieAnn Caramels started making caramels for her husband who traveled the United States. He would do tradeshows trying to get people to his table and everyone loved the caramels. The name JulieAnn is for my two Aunts who had an impact on my life. Julie is a great cook and Nancy Ann is a great cook. They changed my life after my mother’s death. JulieAnn Caramels is known for unique gourmet confectionery and is passionate about helping their customers turn every moment into a caramel delight, creating something just a little different.

They manufacture Gourmet Caramels, over 40 different types, using real fruit pure, then layer with chocolate on their caramels. They also take those caramels and make rice crispy treats and Su’mores. Hand wrapped pretzel knots, with coconut, caramel, raspberry and or lemon. They also make caramel sauce.

JulieAnn Caramels offers unique products, gifting, and corporate gifting.

A business tip they would share with others is to, “Work hard, be honest, treat others as you would want to be treated. Low overhead and keep cost down.”

They are in need of Machinery, cutting and wrapping machine for caramels.

An advantages they have received by being a member of the Utah Manufacturers Association is being connected to wonderful Utah Businesses.

For more information contact:

JulieAnn Caramels
Rowena Montoya
534 W 9460 S Sandy, Utah 84070