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While Janicki Industries’ main business is in the Military and Space/Aerospace markets, the company services a very diverse customer base including; Private Space Exploration, Wind Energy, Mass-Transit / Transportation, Custom Yacht Makers, and even a new offshoot Company, Janicki BioEnergy, where the OmniProcessor is designed and fabricated to solve the world’s sanitation and clean drinking water needs. They are passionate about solving the most challenging problems.

In Utah, Janicki machines all types of composite and metallic components, from fly-away parts to large tools. The processes they perform are; Engineering Solutions, Tool Design & Fabrication, Large Scale Precision Machining Services, Laser Metrology Services, Build-To-Print Fabrication, Complex Assembly and Facility Tool Installation/Integration.

A business tip they would share with others is “Do not limit yourself to only what you are comfortable with. By trying to solve new problems, the core of your business grows stronger.”

Janicki is a vertically integrated company for very large and complex parts and tools. Often times smaller components that integrate into their large tools are problematic to find machine shops capable of quick-turn one-off machining. Finding key machining partners for low-volume small parts will help Janicki be successful.

In Utah, machining services for the most challenging parts and programs. Company-wide, they offer design services and built-to-print on a range of tooling products from low cost out-of-autoclave (OOA) molds, to high performance production Invar tooling, assembly jigs, and automated process tooling and equipment. All products leverage Janicki’s large, proprietary 5-axis machines to achieve class-leading tolerances.

Advantages they have received by being a member of the Utah Manufacturers Association are Professional Networking and Contacts within the growing Aerospace markets in Utah.

For more information please contact:

Janicki Industries
Marshall Hagen
Sales & Business Development Manager
3835 North Fairfield Road
Layton, UT 84041
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