Gossner Cheese

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  1051 N 1000 W, Logan, UT 84321

Phone:                          435-752-9365 

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What’s the one thing your company is known for? 

Our swiss cheese! Swiss cheese is a North American name for what the Swiss actually call Emmentel cheese. It is character-ized by a nut-like flavor and holes in the cheese, although it is possible to make Swiss cheese without the holes. The Swiss first came up with cheese in the 15th century, after they began us-ing something called rennet to make hard cheese. Hard cheese was easy to store, which meant travelers could easily pack along some cheese when they were going somewhere. That made it a popular trading commodity in a world without grocery stores or refrigerators. Now we’re making it a popular commodity in a picky world!

Tell us something interesting or fun about your business? 

Our factory burned down in 1937! The factory that burned down was in California and had been making Monterey Jack cheese, but after it burned down we converted the factory to making Swiss cheese instead. In 1973, we created Swiss Vil-lage, which is a cheese manufacturing plant, in Nampa, Idaho. In 1982, we put an ultra-high-temperature packaging system to work and produced a new product … actual milk. This milk could be stored for a period of months without refrigeration. Our business move not only created a new market but avoid-ed competition with dairies that sell Grade A milk. U.S. troops use Gossner Milk, but it is also sold to people who live in places where it is hard to get milk and even harder to keep it refrigerated, like Puerto Rico and Panama. The only time it has to be refrigerated is after it has been opened.

What is your company passionate about?

Keeping our history alive. Edwin Gossner Sr, our founder,. was born in 1909. He came from the eastern region of Edlis-wiel-Waldkirch, Switzerland where five generations of his family had lived as farmers. Today, the seventh generation of Gossners carry on the family tradition and continue to maintain the same homestead that has been a part of the family heritage for all these years. The mainstay of Gossner Foods continues to be Swiss cheese.