Foam Fab

Foam Fab has been in the foam fabrication and hard molds business for over 25 years. They started with architectural details and difficult custom projects customers needed to get done. They have added through the years custom foam packaging and fabrication, foam plugs and blockouts, hard molds (FRP, rubber, and wood), prototyping and CNC routing to meet our customer’s needs. Foam Fab is passionate about providing the highest quality finished product for our customers. They are known for being The go to business, where customers know their project will get done, no matter how complex.

Foam Fab provided most of the architectural details for the Mandalay Bay, Paris, Bellagio and New York New York Casinos in Las Vegas. They manufacturer Foam Fabricated products, architectural details, foam packaging, light-weight commercial/residential products, custom molds for precast, custom signs, light-weight tradeshow walls, movie props. Their saying is, your only limit is your imagination.

A business tip they would share with others is, “Always go the extra mile with your customers and blow them away with excellent service and finished products. Over 90% of our new business comes from word of mouth.”

An advantage of being a member of the Utah Manufacturers Association is when they were a brand new member, but after UMA contacted us and visited our business, our UMA representative sent us a potential lead. I was impressed with this.