Ever Energy INC DBA Rustica Hardware

Company Address:
  1060 N Spring Creek Place, Springville, UT 84663

Phone:                        801-396-3262

Business Website:

PDF Profile:               PDF Profile

Contact Person:  Kate Allen  –

What’s the one thing your company is known for? 

Artistic sliding barn doors.

Tell us something interesting or fun about your business? 

Our enthusiasm continues to grow, and over time, so does our business. While in the process of buying our first building, we’d drive by each day and sketch out ideas and plans for the future. The day we closed and received the keys to the building, our family slept on the floor of the shop where our hardware is now made.

What is your company passionate about?

Inspiration is not for just a few of us…It’s not reserved for the designers, the artists, the makers, and creators, it is in all of us. Be inspired where you are, where you live…Live in art! We pride ourselves on using the best possible materials and produce everything here in the U.S.A. Each door is crafted from the time you place your order to when it is shipped to your door by American Craftsman, your friends, and neighbors. Take pride in owning a Rustica built product, because of you, we can continue to build America!