Cleasby Manufacturing of Utah

Company Address:
  362 S Main St, Clearfield, UT 84015

Phone:                         (800)-453-2446

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What’s the one thing your company is known for? 

Our roofing products. We can supply all of our clients with all the roofing essentials. Whether it be a hurricane tear-off ma-chine, triac 5, variamat V2, a WC100000VE Generator or all of the above, we have you covered!

Tell us something interesting or fun about your business? 

We have unique trucks available to get you all of your roofing needs. Our clients can pick between the FBR-6 Series and the EXT-52 conveyor. Our FBR-6 Series includes an all fiberglass frame, with a light weight and structurally sound and durable build. There is no welding or assembly required with no rust or metal fatigue. On the other hand, the EXT-52 Conveyor is extendable with a long conveyor in tight spaces. It is patented in its innovative design and can reach higher roof tops than the FBR-6. The choice is up to you, but with these two options, there’s no wrong choice.

What is your company passionate about?

We are very passionate about our roofs, and yours too! Not only do we want to create beautiful roofs, but we also want to create roofs with impeccable designs that will not shift no matter the circumstances.