American Pacific

American Pacific has been in business since 1955. The original manufacturing plant was located in southern Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. In the beginning, the company provided consulting services specializing in mining and chemical plant design, and also owned a chlorine gas packaging and sodium hypochlorite manufacturing operation. These operations grew into the specialty chemical manufacturing company they are today serving the defense, space, pharmaceutical, and fire safety industries. They have been manufacturing chemicals in Iron County Utah, 15 miles north-west of Cedar City since 1989.

They manufacture the oxidizer used in all U.S. produced solid rocket motors for the Department of Defense and NASA. If you’ve ever watched the Space Shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral, they produce the oxidizer for the solid rocket motor fuel used in the large white strap-on boosters that help launch the Space Shuttle. Their oxidizer will also be used in a similar way to help launch NASA’s new Space Launch System heavy lift exploration rocket. Although our perchlorate products have a very specific application, their company established an unprecedented record of on-time delivery and quality that their customers have relied on for many years. Their company offers that level of reliability for the future.

American Pacific is passionate about safety for their employees and the environment. Every decision they make is done with the objective of preventing pollution, injury and ill health, and exceeding customer expectations. A business tip they would share with others is; “Implement concurrent product and process improvement activities, in order to improve process capability, minimize or prevent pollution, in a safe environment for employees that align with customers systems and needs.”

Like most companies, they want to continue growing and improving. They are very fortunate to have one of their biggest customers here in Utah also. They want them to be successful, so they need continued support nationally and from all Utahns for NASA’s Space Launch System. It drives the largest single demand for their product.

The advantages they receive by being a member of the Utah Manufacturers Association is they like being part of a group that specifically looks out for the interests of the Manufacturing Industry here in Utah. Being a small company they don’t have the time or resources to do this on their own.