Action Target

Action Target started in 1986 when its founders built a pneumatic turning target system for the Provo Police Department training curriculum. The need for dynamic and safe shooting equipment inspired the development of innovative technology such as the Total Containment Trap™. This patented steel bullet trap revolutionized the shooting range industry with its ability to guide projectiles into a deceleration chamber without total fragmentation. Action Target has continued to be the primary innovator in the business and currently has more than 4,000 products and holds over 40 patents.

While Action Target’s initial product line was developed for law enforcement, they also service the military and commercial sectors.

Action Target manufactures live-fire shooting range equipment. They are the only ballistic range product provider to perform 100% of our manufacturing in-house, including cutting, bending, and specialized welding on AR500 and AR550 steel plates. They have over 30 years of experience in fabricating steel baffles, traps, targets, and target controls in a 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Action Target also uses custom manufacturing processes that minimize the heat-affected zone during cutting, thereby maintaining the strength and ballistic properties of the steel. Furthermore, their ISO 9001 certification provides assurance that their equipment has been manufactured in accordance with our stringent quality standards.


Range owners who partner with us join the ranks of every major law enforcement agency in the United States (including the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Fort Worth, and Orlando police departments) and all the special forces group in the military (including the Army 10th Special Forces, Army 7th Special Forces, Army 5th Special Forces, Army 1st Special Forces, Navy Seals, Marines Special Operations Training Group, and the Air Force) that train on Action Target equipment. Federal customers include the FBI, Secret Service, Air Marshalls, US Border Patrol, all 14 FLETC locations, and NASA.

Action Target has also designed and built the testing ranges for major firearm manufacturers in the United States, such as Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Winchester, Glock, Ruger, and Barrett Firearms.

Constantly innovating, they are passionate about evolving and redefining the shooter’s experience. They are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and installing the finest live-fire shooting facilities that allow military personnel, law enforcement officers and responsible citizens access to the best and safest training available. They are also able provide prospective customers with a portfolio of over one thousand Action Target ranges that have the same equipment as they require


Action Target is the only company in the industry that provides customers with a full turnkey solution. From initial product development and range design to manufacturing and installation, each step of the process is handled by professionals with years of industry knowledge. This comprehensive method allows us to provide and maintain quality control. These processes include; Engineering; research and development; range design; manufacturing (plasma cutting, welding, bending, painting, electronic and mechanical assembly); installation; and aftermarket sales and services.  

They have recently kicked off a lean manufacturing initiative and are looking for best practices and good data improve their processes, increase production and reduce waste.  

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