2019 Legislative Session

Simply put, advocacy is important to your business. Each day local and state policies are being decided, and most businesses do not have the time or resources to advocate for themselves. Does your business? By representing both large and small members of your industry, the Utah Manufacturers Association can speak about the impacts a policy could have on the entire industry.

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During the 2019 legislative session, the UMA is watching – and taking action, as needed – on the following bills:

KEY: M=Monitor, M+=Monitor Plus, LP-S=Low Profile Support, HP-S=High Profile Support, LP-O=Low Profile Oppose, HP-O=High Profile Oppose

Bill Number Sponsor Short Title Assigned To UMA Position Status
S.B. 17 Okerlund Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Amendments Jody HP-S L-RES
S.B. 18 Grover Sunset Reauthorization – Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands Bird LP-S L-RES
S.B. 19 Grover Sunset Reauthorization – Used Oil Management Act Bird LP-S L-RES
S.B. 20 Grover Sunset Reauthorization – Solid and Hazardous Waste Act Bird LP-S L-RES
S.B. 21 Grover Sunset Reauthorization – Air Conservation Act Bird LP-S L-RES
S.B. 22 Grover Sunset Reauthorization – Safe Drinking Water Act Bird LP-S L-RES
S.B. 23 Grover Sunset Reauthorization – Water Quality Act Bird LP-S L-RES
S.B. 24 Grover State Energy Policy Amendments Shelly M L-RES
S.B. 28 Bramble Income Tax Revisions Young LP-S L-RES
S.B. 35 Harper Municipal Incorporation Amendments Holton M H-RULES
S.B. 41 McCay Interest Deductions Amendments Young M S-RT
S.B. 42 McCay Tangible Personal Property Amendments Young LP-O S-2nd READ
S.B. 46 Sandall Tire Recycling Amendments Todd LP-S L-RES
S.B. 52 Anderegg Secondary Water Metering Requirements Jody M H-RULES
S.B. 66 Sandall Dam Safety Amendments Jody LP-S L-RES
S.B. 67 Anderegg Reauthorization of Administrative Rules Shelly LP-O L-RES
S.B. 76 Mayne Workers’ Compensation Adjudication Amendments Todd LP-S EX B-GOV
S.B. 79 Harper Sales and Use Tax Changes Young M L-RES
S.B. 93 Sandall Agricultural Nuisance Amendments Todd LP-S L-RES
S.B. 94 Grover Technical College Scholarship Amendments Todd LP-S L-GOV OFF
S.B. 95 Bramble Autism Amendments Kate M H-RULES
S.B. 97 Anderegg Medicaid Program Revisions Todd M S-HHS
S.B. 99 Harper Sales Tax Amendments Billy M H-RULES
S.B. 110 Hemmert Family Medical Unpaid Leave Provisions Kate M S-2nd READ
S.B. 111 Fillmore Energy Storage Innovation, Research, and Grant Program Act Kate LP-S H-RULES
S.B. 127 Anderegg Business Incentives Amendments Brian LP-O L-RES
S.B. 144 Escamilla Environmental Quality Monitoring Amendments Todd LP-O S-2nd READ
S.B. 146 Kitchen Sales Tax Exemption Modifications Shelly LP-S S-RT
S.B. 150 Hemmert Energy Balancing Account Amendments Todd M+ H-PUET
S.B. 152 Winterton Community Impact Fund Board Amendments Ben LP-O H-CLERK
S.B. 153 Anderegg Passenger Rail Car Sales and Use Tax Todd M+ S-RT
S.B. 168 Bramble Sales and Use Tax Revisions Young HP-S H-RT
S.B. 172 Millner Economic Development Amendments Brian LP-O H-ECON
S.B. 178 Okerlund Oil, Gas, and Mining Revisions Rikki M H-NAE
S.B. 179 Fillmore Truth in Taxation Amendments Young HP-S H-RT
S.B. 189 Okerlund Temporary Land Use Regulation Amendments Brian HP-O H-PS
S.B. 193 Hillyard Attorney General Enforcement Amendments Shelly   H-JUD
S.B. 200 Sandall Rural Economic Development Modifications Brian M+ H-RULES
S.B. 201 Winterton Oil and Gas Tax Incentives Amendments Young LP-S S-RT
S.B. 239 Anderegg Natural Gas Market Fair Access Act Rikki M S-2nd READ
S.J.R. 1 Iwamoto Joint Resolution Supporting the Study of Water Banking in Utah Jody HP-S L-RES
S.J.R. 3 McCay Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption Young LP-O S-2nd READ
S.C.R. 8 Winterton Concurrent Resolution Supporting Exports of Utah Natural Gas to International Markets Des M L-RES
H.B. 11 Hawkes Property Tax Amendments Young LP-S EX B-GOV
H.B. 12 Hawkes Instream Flow Water Right Amendments Zobell LP-S L-RES
H.B. 14 Eliason State Monuments Act Amendments Brian LP-S L-RES
H.B. 25 Eliason Tax Commission Amendments Young LP-S L-RES
H.B. 31 Coleman Water Supply and Surplus Water Amendments Jody HP-S S-2nd READ
H.B. 32 Stratton Rulemaking Fiscal Accountability Amendments Jacob M L-RES
H.B. 33 Stratton Utah Wholesome Food Act Amendments Kate M L-RES
H.B. 34 Perry Campaign Finance Amendments Todd HP-O H-GOV
H.B. 41 Christofferson Transportation Sales Tax Amendments Des M S-TRANS
H.B. 49 Eliason Repatriation Transition Act Amendments Young M L-GOV OFF
H.B. 51 Christofferson Free Market Protection and Privatization Board Revisions Shelly M H-BUS
H.B. 56 Dunnigan Employer’s Reinsurance Fund Amendments Todd LP-S L-RES
H.B. 57 Hall Electronic Information or Data Privacy Todd M S-2nd READ
H.B. 59 Robertson Government Enterprise Amendments Todd M H-RULES
H.B. 64 McKell Lobbyist Expenditures Amendments Billy M L-RES
H.B. 66 Judkins Year-Round Daylight Saving Time Rikki M H-RULES
H.B. 67 Wilde Greenbelt Amendments Holton LP-S H-RULES
H.B. 78 Albrecht Federal Designations Brian LP-S S-2nd READ
H.B. 84 Watkins Economic Development Programs Amendments Todd LP-S L-RES
H.B. 87 Weight Safe Storage of Firearms Amendments Jocelyn M H-RULES
H.B. 88 Nelson Statewide Initiative Process Amendments Denise M H-RULES
H.B. 91 Snider Agricultural Land Amendments Des M S-3rd READ
H.B. 93 Coleman County Formation Amendments Josh LP-O H-FILE NP
H.B. 96 Christofferson Nighttime Highway Construction Noise Amendments Todd M L-RES
H.B. 98 Handy Freight Switcher Emissions Mitigation Shelly HP-S S-TRANS
H.B. 101 Spendlove Autonomous Vehicle Regulations Brian HP-S L-RES
H.B. 107 Handy Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act Amendments Todd LP-O L-RES
H.B. 109 Sagers Hydrogen Fuel Production Amendments Des LP-O L-RES
H.B. 110 Albrecht Rural Economic Development Incentives Des M L-RES
H.B. 119 Daw Initiatives, Referenda, and other political Denise M S-GOV
H.B. 122 Musselman Property Rights Ombudsman Advisory Opinion Amendments Ben M L-RES
H.B. 125 Albrecht Quantity Impairment Modifications Jody LP-S L-RES
H.B. 127 Briscoe Sales Tax Exemption Revisions Shelly LP-S H-RT
H.B. 133 Daw Initiative Amendments Denise M S-2nd READ
H.B. 139 Romero Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments Todd HP-S L-RES
H.B. 143 Harrison Water Conservation Plan Amendments Jody M H-NAE
H.B. 145 Thurston Citizen Political Process Amendments Denise M S-2nd READ
H.B. 148 Arent Vehicle Idling Revisions Todd HP-S S-2nd READ
H.B. 160 Shipp Workers’ Compensation Coverage Amendments Todd HP-O H-BUS
H.B. 162 Handy Damage to Underground Facilities Amendments Rikki HP-O H-PUET
H.B. 180 Coleman Agriculture Protection Act Amendments Todd M H-NAE
H.B. 181 King Tax Credit Amendments Todd LP-S S-3rd READ
H.B. 182 Coleman Raw Milk Products Todd M S-NAE
H.B. 196 Sagers Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Amendments Shelly LP-O S-ECON
H.B. 197 Hawkes Scenic Byway Amendments Todd LP-O H-TRANS
H.B. 204 Wheatley Employment Selection Procedures Act Bird M H-ECON
H.B. 216 Stratton Utah Wholesome Food Act Revisions Todd LP-O H-BUS
H.B. 231 Lisonbee Tangible Personal Property Revisions Young M H-CONCURRENCE
H.B. 235 Knottwell Municipal Tax Amendments Young M S-2nd READ
H.B. 242 Ballard State Board of Education Revisions Todd LP-S H-EDUC
H.B. 247 Wilde County Recorder Fee Amendments   M S-2nd READ
H.B. 260 Owens Access Utah Promise Scholarship Program Todd HP-S S-2nd READ
H.B. 288 Wilde Critical Infrastructure Materials Brian M+ S-BUS
H.B. 299 Seegmiller Tax Changes Young M+ H-RULES
H.B. 304 Briscoe Fossil Fuels Tax Amendments Kate HP-O H-RT
H.B. 307 Hutchings Utility Online Usage Data Amendments Des HP-S S-2nd READ
H.B. 310 Stratton Solid and Hazardous Waste Amendments Holton LP-S S-2nd READ
H.B. 316 Sagers Lobbyist Amendments Holton M H-GOV
H.B. 320 McKell Container Regulation Act Todd HP-S H-3rd READ
H.B. 351 Wilde Oil and Gas Amendments Rikki HP-O H-NAE
H.B. 357 Hawkes Voluntary Wood Burning Conversion Program Todd HP-S S-NAE
H.B. 358 Gibson Right of Way Equity Amendments Rikki HP-S S-TRANS
H.B. 378 Roberts Regulatory Sandbox Brian M S-BUS
H.B. 387 Knotwell Boards and Commissions Amendments Brian/Todd M S-EDUC
H.B. 389 Christofferson Incentive Program Amendments Young M+ S-TRANS
H.B. 390 Hutchings Workplace Protection Amendments Todd M H-BUS
H.B. 411 Handy Community Renewable Energy Act Todd   H-3rd READ
H.B. 433 Gibson Inland Port Amendments     S-ECON
H.B. 441 Quinn Tax Equalization and Reduction Act     H-3rd READ
H.B. 452 Wilde Water Facilities Amendments Jodi M H-RULES
H.B. 456 Handy Water Amendments for Institutions of Higher Education Jodi M H-NAE
H.B. 458 Handy Tax Penalty Amendments     H-RT
H.B. 489 Lisonbee Concealed Carry Amendments     H-RULES
H.C.R 2 Arent Concurrent resolution Supporting Rural Development of Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Hydroelectric, and Geothermal Energy Shelly HP-S L-RES
H.C.R. 3 Handy Concurrent Resolution Urging the Environmental Protection Agency to Update Switcher Locomotive Emission Standards Shelly HP-S S-2nd READ
H.C.R. 5 Ward Concurrent Resolution Urging Policies that Reduce Damage from Wildfires Todd HP-S S-2nd READ
H.C.R. 10 Hawkes Concurrent Resolution to Address Declining Water Levels of The Great Salt Lake Todd LP-S L-RES
H.C.R. 11 Harrison Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Purchase of Tier 3 Gasoline Rikki M L-RES
H.J.R. 1 Stratton Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Municipal Water Resources Jody LP-S S-2nd READ
H.J.R. 13 Ballard Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – State Board of Education Todd HP-S H-EDUC
H.J.R 23 Snider Joint Resolution Withdrawing Approval for Class V Landfill Todd M S-NAE
Boxcar Ray Storm Water Protection Plan Amendments     In Process
Boxcar Spendlove Economic Development Zone Amendments     In Process