2018 Safety Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2018 Safety Award Winners!

Work environments have many potentially life-shattering hazards, and it’s the employer’s job to keep employees safe from them. Health and safety programs make it easier to do just that by keeping everyone healthy. Experience has proved that many problems can be completely avoided by adding a health and safety program to any company’s infrastructure.

  • Training is important and effective because it teaches employees the correct workplace procedures, practices, and behavior to prevent potential health risks.
  • Once employees have been trained about the company’s health and safety regulations and procedures in the workplace, then everyone has the understanding they need to recognize potential work-environment hazards and prevent accidents, illnesses, and injuries.

The following companies have been recognized for their exceptional efforts to promote safety.


2018 Safety Award Winner - Mechanical Service & Systems, Inc.

2018 Safety Award Winner – Mechanical Service & Systems, Inc.

Mechanical Service & Systems, Inc.

Mechanical Service & Systems, Inc. plans each day and each task with the mindset to keep every employee injury free so they can return home in the same condition they came to work. The company’s toolbox meetings are designed to generate safety conversation on the jobsite. The idea that everyone is responsible for safety is the rule at MSS. They modified their safety program to use more leading indicators:

  • More safety audit/inspections
  • Increased emphasis and accountability for participation in weekly toolbox safety meetings
  • Better safety training in meetings held each quarter on a companywide basis

All employees know that they have representation on their safety committee every day. They have a take-home campaign that sends home safety tips to employee families. They reward their employees for turning in near misses. These efforts have helped the employees to prevent accidents.

MSS has found that employing a proactive safety culture from top management down to the front line employee level is the best way to initiate and maintain safe behavior.


2018 Safety Award Winner - Spring Works Utah

2018 Safety Award Winner – Spring Works Utah

Spring Works Utah

Spring Works Utah has a motto: “Safety: there’s no silver bullet. It’s you, it’s me, it’s us, it’s everyday. Think safety, act safely.” All employees are exposed to this motto and are embracing it. Management is on the manufacturing floor regularly, and standup meetings keep the communication flowing within departments. Leaders, including management, are all involved in training workshops. Workshops focus on maintaining a safe workplace and learning safe practices employees can use each day.

All employees are on the same level when it comes to safety. Everyone selects and approves their PPE equipment so they are involved in what they use from the start. Appreciation and acknowledgement is given regularly to employees for maintaining a safe workplace.


2018 Safety Award Winner - Cleasby Manufacturing of Utah

2018 Safety Award Winner – Cleasby Manufacturing of Utah

Cleasby Manufacturing of Utah

Cleasby Manufacturing of Utah has open communication between team members, supervisors, and management to encourage team involvement in the process. They talk about safety and constantly keep safety as the number one goal when making decisions about production and the products being built.

The company holds monthly safety meetings with different topics and address ways to improve safety in all aspects. All employees are trained in first aid and how to use the AED machine.


2018 Safety Award Winner - Valley View Granite

2018 Safety Award Winner – Valley View Granite

Valley View Granite

Valley View Granite considers the health and safety of its employees first and foremost. Management values candid feedback from employees about what works and what doesn’t. Valley View Granite has an open-door policy when it comes to employee engagement with safety. Employees are strongly encouraged to approach a safety manager or their supervisors when they have ideas to improve safety for everyone.

The company holds weekly safety meetings. Valley View recognizes individuals who are observed demonstrating exceptional safety practices while in the work place. They have provided training to their employees on forklift and crane operation and defensive driving. They have also trained 30 employees in CPR and first aid.


2018 Safety Award Winner - Sleep Number

2018 Safety Award Winner – Sleep Number


Sleep Number

Sleep Number provides a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Managers provide the appropriate equipment, safeguards, personal protection, and administrative support to protect employee’s safety and health. All employees are required to comply with all safety rules and standards.

Safety performance is tracked on a daily and monthly basis, month over month. Monthly safety reviews are conducted with senior leadership. The company has a safety committee that represents all shifts, departments, and salaried and hourly employees. Safety walks focus on timely responses to safety concerns and use “Caught Ya Doing Good” recognition, which includes a $2 vending reward. Sleep Number’s passion to create a world-class safety culture while developing their people as capable problem solvers and lean leaders has led to tremendous success for employees, customers and shareholders.


2018 Safety Award Winner - Post Consumer Brands

2018 Safety Award Winner – Post Consumer Brands

Post Consumer Brands

Workplace safety flows from Post Consumer Brands management to their employees and then back from employees to management on a daily basis. Their motto is: “No pound of cereal is worth making if it cannot be made safely.”

Every meeting begins with a safety topic and a discussion of any risks present in the facility. In 2018, all 200 employees were asked to write a job safety analysis (JSA) on a task that they do regularly. This not only heightens the awareness of the risks present for the individual writing the JSA, it is also used as a reference for others who are unfamiliar with the task. Employees evaluate historical injury trends and determine what the highest risk areas are in the facility. They allocate funding to reduce the risks in areas where there have been previous injuries.


2018 Safety Award Winner - Mitylite

2018 Safety Award Winner – Mitylite


Mitylite has many opportunities for employee engagement in safety. Every new employee is trained in personal protective equipment, safety reporting policies, emergency evacuation, and the Stop, Watch and Train program. Before any employee is allowed to work on the production floor, they must be trained by a certified employee on safe operation of all machines and tools that are used. Safety action cards are recorded for any incident, near miss, or potential safety hazard that needs external support.

Mitylite offers heavily discounted membership to the local recreation center and encourage activity while at work. Regular stretching and safety activities are done throughout the day. Management and employee engagement for continuous improvement focuses on data and urgent issues.

2018 Safety Award Winner -Futura

2018 Safety Award Winner -Futura


All employees at Futura are encouraged to participate in the safety program by being an active member of the safety committee. Futura’s safety and health goal is to have zero accidents in and out of their workplace. Futura has a Safety Opportunity Log where any employee can report electronically about an unsafe item that needs to be addressed.

Futura provides fresh fruit for employees every day. They want all employees to continuously practice healthy and safe habits. At Futura, employees know that safety is something to be observed in all aspects.

2018 Safety Award Winner -Treehouse Foods

2018 Safety Award Winner -Treehouse Foods

Treehouse Foods

At Treehouse Foods, (formerly Lofthouse Cookies), employees take to heart exactly what their safety metrics represent: the health, well-being and lives of their employees. Everyone is fully committed to maintaining a safe work environment because they recognize that the company’s employees are its greatest asset.

Random audits take place when production lines are not running to ensure they are working safely at all times.

Managers provide cut-resistant gloves, ergonomic mats, heat-resistant gloves, automatic dough feeders, an automatic color injection system, and cooling vests for employees.

Employees are involved in the following:

  • Behavior Based Safety Observations completed by employees
  • Employee safety engagement
  • Miss reporting and resolution
  • Monthly safety audits

Once a month, all employees are expected to complete:

  • One Behaviorally Based Safety Audit, involving another employee in their peer group
  • Safety training


2018 Safety Award Winner -Hunt Electric

2018 Safety Award Winner -Hunt Electric

Hunt Electric

Hunt Electric measures safety through tracking leading and lagging indicators. The goal of measuring both sets of indicators is to assess safety performance and determine what needs to be done to improve the company’s safety culture. Hunt Electric also offers safety training classes to employees.

Managers make weekly safety conference calls to all employees so employees can express their opinions and concerns. They ask front-line employees for their ideas because they are the main ones impacted by problems and are easily able to identify where improvements can be made. In addition, the company hosts lunches and makes gifts to show employees its appreciation for employee involvement in the company’s safety efforts.


2018 Safety Award Winner -SnugZ

2018 Safety Award Winner -SnugZ


SnugZ aims to remove or reduce the risks to the health, safety and welfare of all workers, contractors and visitors, along with anyone else who might be affected by its business operations. SnugZ gives employees a handbook with rules, regulations, and guidelines, and employees are expected to read and follow all the information it contains. In addition, the company holds a health fair that is free to all employees.


  • Report all accidents and incidents on the job immediately
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the safety committee

SnugZ implemented use of the Big BoardZ throughout their facility. Managers use these 4-sided rolling towers to communicate information such as important updates, goal standings, safety trainings, and events. A safety topic is posted each week. Employees then train their peers using the safety training that managers have posted on the boards.


2018 Safety Award Winner - Owens Corning

2018 Safety Award Winner – Owens Corning was not at the event.

Owens Corning

At Owens Corning, managers are committed to provide workplace safety. They empower every employee to make the safe decision in every situation. They believe that health plays a big part in safety, so they offer incentives to encourage healthy living. For example, Owens Corning:

  • Hosts an annual fat-loss competition
  • Has walking challenges and gives every employee a pedometer to track steps

All levels of employees have ownership in keeping the workplace safe. From the plant manager to the production crews, employees start out every day with a safety huddle. In addition, all production line leaders are certified hazard specialists.