2018 Legislative Session

2018 Legislative Session

Simply put, advocacy is important to your business.  Each day local and state policies are being decided, and most businesses do not have the time or resources to advocate for themselves.  Does your business?   By representing both large and small members of your industry, the Utah Manufacturers Association can speak about the impacts a policy could have on the entire industry.


During the 2018 legislative session, the UMA is watching – and taking action, as needed – on the following bills:

KEY: M=Monitor, M+=Monitor Plus, LP-S=Low Profile Support, HP-S=High Profile Support, LP-O=Low Profile Oppose, HP-O=High Profile Oppose

Bill Number Sponsor Short Title Assigned To UMA Position Status
S.B. 14 Mayne Industrial Accident Restricted Account Sunset Todd LP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 22 VanTassell Mineral Lease Distribution Amendments Mark HP-S E-GOV
S.B. 34 Dayton Legislative Water Development Commission Amendments Jodi LP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 35 Christensen Water Right For Trout Habitat Repeal Date Extension Jodi M ENROLLED
S.B. 36 Stephenson Local Option Sales and Use Tax Distribution Formula Amendments Keith M ENROLLED
S.B. 37 Stephenson Sales and Use Tax Exemption Amendments Young HP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 40S1 Mayne Workers’ Compensation Dependent Benefit Amendments Todd LP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 45 Dayton Water Law Amendments — Diligence Claims Jodi M ENROLLED
S.B. 52 Davis Sale of State Land Act Mark M DEFEATED
S.B. 53S1 Mayne Workers’ Compensation Coordination of Benefits Amendments Todd LP-S DEFEATED
S.B. 61S1 Dayton Water Rights Adjudication Amendments Jodi HP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 64S1 Mayne Workers’ Compensation Health Care Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
S.B. 72 Harper Business Income Tax Modifications Young M ENROLLED
S.B. 75S1 Hemmert Workers’ Compensation Penalty Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
S.B. 76S1 Hemmert Commercial Property Tax Amendments Young M ENROLLED
S.B. 77 Bramble Tax Administration Amendments Young M E-GOV
S.B. 92 Mayne Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees Amendments Todd LP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 96S2 Hinkins Canal Amendments Jodi M+ ENROLLED
S.B. 103 Millner Strategic Workforce Investments Todd HP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 104S1 Millner Talent Development And Retention Strategy Todd HP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 108S2 Hinkins Raw Milk Amendments Todd LP-O ENROLLED
S.B. 124S1 Fillmore Budget And Certified Tax Rate Deadline Amendments Young M ENROLLED
S.B. 131S1 Millner Talent Ready Utah Amendments Todd HP-S ENROLLED
S.B. 136S6 Harper Transportation Governance Amendments Des M+ ENROLLED
S.B. 164 Harper Transportation Funding Amendments Des M DEFEATED
S.B. 166 Adams Energy Facility Amendments Shelly M ENROLLED
S.B. 170 Henderson Conservation District Amendments Jody M ENROLLED
S.B. 178 Henderson Interlocal Entities Amendments Kate M ENROLLED
S.B. 192 Iwamoto Retail Bag Impact Reduction Program Todd LP-O DEFEATED
S.B. 204 Anderegg Secondary Water Metering Requirements Jody LP-O DEFEATED
S.B. 212 Mayne Separation From Payroll Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
S.B. 218 Buxton Container Regulations Act Todd HP-S DEFEATED
H.B. 21S3 McCay Certified Tax Rate Amendments Young M ENROLLED
H.B. 23 Albrecht Office of Economic Development Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
H.B. 27 Eliason Underground Storage Tank Act Amendments Lee LP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 30S1 Dunnigan Utah Antidiscrimination Act Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
H.B. 33 Albrecht Energy Producer States’ Agreement Amendments Mark LP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 54S1 Sagers Individual Income Tax Deduction Amendments Young M ENROLLED
H.B. 62S1 Quinn Property Rights Amendments Keith HP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 73 Hawkes Instream Flow Water Rights Amendments Todd M DEFEATED
H.B. 74S2 Sandall Emissions Inspection Modifications Todd LP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 76 Sandall Tire Recycling Amendments Todd M DEFEATED
H.B. 79 Greene Private Attorney General Doctrine Shelly HP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 101S2 Arent Air Quality Emissions Testing Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
H.B. 110S1 Peterson Lobbyist Licensing Modifications Shelly M DEFEATED
H.B. 117 King Hourly Wage Increase Amendments Kate M DEFEATED
H.B. 124S1 Coleman Water Holdings Accountability and Transparency Amendments Jodi M DEFEATED
H.B. 135S3 Noel Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Amendments Jodi LP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 140S1 Hawkes Air Quality Technical Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
H.B. 142 Owens Impact Fees Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
H.B. 148S1 Quinn Tax Revisions Kate LP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 171S1 Romero Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments Josh LP-S DEFEATED
H.B. 181S2 Roberts Home Consumption And Homemade Food Act Todd LP-O ENROLLED
H.B. 182 Nelson Local Option Sand And Gravel Tax Kate HP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 188 Albrecht Regulation Of Out-Of-State Distribution Electrical Cooperative Amendments Kate LP-S E-GOV
H.B. 194 Miles Hazardous Materials Emergency Amendments Kate M ENROLLED
H.B. 202 Christofferson Tax Incentive Revisions Todd LP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 209 Kwan Mental Health Protections For First Responders Todd M DEFEATED
H.B. 211 Handy Freight Switcher Emissions Mitigation Todd LP-S DEFEATED
H.B. 212S1 Watkins Business Expansion and Retention Initiative Amendments Des LP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 241S2 Schultz Post-Employment Restrictions Amendments Todd M E-GOV
H.B. 249S2 Stratton Statewide Resource Management Plan Adoption Mark HP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 251S1 Stratton Utah Wholesome Food Act Amendments Todd M DEFEATED
H.B. 255 Coleman Extra-jurisdictional Land Use Jodi HP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 279S1 Christofferson Design Professionals Liability Amendments Josh M ENROLLED
H.B. 283S1 Edwards Workplace Protection Amendments Kate M DEFEATED
H.B. 288S1 Ivory Workers’ Compensation Claims Amendments Todd M ENROLLED
H.B. 293S1 Last Education Funding Amendments     ENROLLED
H.B. 299 Schultz State Income and Sales Tax Reduction Young M DEFEATED
H.B. 303S2 Sandall Drinking Water Source Sizing Requirements Jody M ENROLLED
H.B. 304S1 Owens High Cost Infrastructure Amendments Josh M+ DEFEATED
H.B. 307S1 Hawkes Property Tax Changes Young M DEFEATED
H.B. 318 Handy Stray Current Or Voltage Remediation Act Kate HP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 340 Sagers High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit Amendments Young M DEFEATED
H.B. 355S1 McCay Amendments to Tax Law Young LP-S DEFEATED
H.B. 359 McKell Allocation Of Fault Amendments Todd HP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 362 Christofferson Environmental Fee Amendments Kate HP-S DEFEATED
H.B. 365S2 Stratton Department of Environmental Quality Amendments Amanda HP-S DEFEATED
H.B. 373S1 Perry Waste Management Amendments Kate HP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 374 McCay Apportionment Of Business Income Amendments Young HP-S DEFEATED
H.B. 375 McCay Personal Property Tax Revisions Keith LP-S DEFEATED
H.B. 385 Quinn Tax Reform Revisions Todd M+ DEFEATED
H.B. 390 Albrecht Rural Economic Development Incentives Mark HP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 403 Briscoe Tax Modifications Josh HP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 404S1 Last Land Trusts Protection And Advocacy Act Mark LP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 412 Sagers Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Amendments Young M DEFEATED
H.B. 419 Handy Oil And Gas Amendments Mark M ENROLLED
H.B. 422S1 Noel Natural Gas Infrastructure Amendments Mark LP-S ENROLLED
H.B. 423 Gibson Transit And Road Funding Amendments Keith LP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 445 McKell Design And Construction Amendments Josh LP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 450S1 Froerer Wastewater Reuse Amendments Jody HP-O DEFEATED
H.B. 479 Eliason Zero Emission Vehicle Program     DEFEATED
H.C.R. 1S2 Ward Concurrent Resolution on Global Warming and Climate Change Mark LP-O DEFEATED
H.C.R. 4 Edwards Concurrent Resolution on Economic And Environmental Stewardship Mark M DEFEATED
H.C.R 7S1 Edwards Concurrent Resolutions On Environmental And Economic Stewardship Mark M ENROLLED
H.C.R 9S1 Arent Concurrent Resolution Supporting Rural Development Of Wind, Solar, And Geothermal Energy Todd LP-S DEFEATED
H.C.R. 10 Stratton Concurrent Resolution Approving The Statewide Resource Management Plan Mark HP-S DEFEATED
H.C.R. 17 Ivory Concurrent Resolution Calling on Congress To Develop A Responsible Monetary Policy Mark HP-S DEFEATED
H.J.R. 1 Albrecht Joint Resolution Urging Exemption from the Antiquities Act Mark HP-S ENROLLED
H.J.R. 2 Albrecht Joint Resolution Urging Congress to Relocate Federal Land Management Agency Headquarters Mark LP-S ENROLLED
H.J.R. 15 Stratton Proposal To Amend Utah Constitution – Municipal Water Amendment Jody M+ DEFEATED
H.J.R. 17 Greene Proposal To Amend Utah Constitution – Right To Pursue Trade, Vocation, Occupation, Or Career Todd LP-O DEFEATED
H.J.R. 18 Wilson Proposal To Amend Utah Constitution – Special Sessions Of The Legislature Todd LP-O ENROLLED